News|July 20, 2010 4:29 pm

Agent Vinod Crew enjoyed holidays in Morocco

Saif Ali Khan’s next fillum Agent Vinod which was being shot in Morocco was done around 2 weeks in advance, so what to do next ?

Not to waste time and rush to other location and complete the other shots, but only when you get the tickets,

Yeh here is where Saif Ali Khan’s Crew got to enjoy the holidays in Morocco, The crew was supposed to fly back to India on Jully 21, the tickets were booked, the shot was going perfectly on time, but for some reason, it got over 2 weeks earlier, Saif asked the organisers to get the tickets rescheduled to leave early, but the tickets they could get were for two days later, so what to do?

The Crew enjoyed the two days holidays in Morocco, now thats a real surprise treat for the whole crew.