News|April 7, 2010 6:03 pm

After Ranbir, Deepika has Another Admirer of Kapoor Family

As we all know that Ranbir and Deepika had been together earlier, and then Shammi Kapoor wanted to meet Depika on a Coffee, that makes Deepika a most loved actress of the recent time in Kapoor family.

As Deepika promised, she met Shammi Kapoor and his family at his house,Shammi Kapoor thinks Deepika is the best amongst the young actresses recently, he cant stop praising Deepika,

When Deepika met Shammi they spoke alot about his movies and Deepikas from debute till date, Shammi also gave some tips to her, spoke to her about his hit movies and his journey in the industry.

Deepika was not keen on talking about the meeting of her with Shammi Kapoor, she wants to keep it as her personal memories, she doesnt want to disclose the conversation she had with the actor Shammi Kapoor, the meeting lasted till 2 hours in which Shammi kept praising her.

Alls Deepika wanted to says was, “It was fun and I had a great evening. He took good care of me and we chatted over coffee and some good food,”