News|May 20, 2011 1:30 am

Adopt a dog, urges Imran Khan

Imran Khan whos dog Tony passed away recently requests everyone to Adopt and not buy a dog or other pets,

He did this through a new ad for animal welfare organisation People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).The ad features Imran with his adopted dog,

The message on the ad conveys:

Tony Changed My Life. You Can Change a Homeless Dog’s Life. Please Adopt.

In a video of PETA, Imran Said,

The fact is that there are dogs and cats and all kinds of animals roaming around the streets. Very often people buy dogs, buy cats – they see them as toys or as fashion accessories. They get bored of them and they … throw them out of the house. That’s a very horrible thing to do,

Imran adopted Tony after his friend found him wandering in the streets. Imran had filed a complaint with the police and found that the person Tony had been living with had thrown him out of the house.

Imran said,

Ultimately it boils down to how much you care. I care a lot about animals. If I see an injured animal, sick animal and essentially any animal I feel I could help in some way, I do that,

According to PETA almost 25 million homeless dogs struggle to survive on the streets,

Imran wants to open his own animal shelter some day.