News|November 3, 2011 8:44 pm

Actresses now want Item song

Their was a time when for an Item song industry had perticular actresses, and now the lead actresses wants to do it on own, actresses now a days want atleast one or two maximum item songs on which they can encash whole year,

Now a days, actresses see if their is an item number that can help her be famous, they are game for the movie,

Shah Rukh Said,

Kareena insisted that she wanted two songs which she could perform onthrough the year and I gave it to her,

Also Katrina Kaif said,

When you know a song is being directed by so meone like Farah Khan, you don’t have to think much. Plus, of course, it becomes a hook, which stays through the year,

Katrina got dozens of offers to perform at different weddings and corporate events and award functions and the mega new year bashes.

Before Bodyguard and Ra.One the actresses never demanded somuch for a song or an Item number, but the demand has increased drastically,

Lalit Jain the even organiser said,

Many people want Kareena to perform to Chammak Challo, but she doesn’t want to do too many stage shows, She performs at award functions. Her basic estimate for one tperformance has definitely gone up.

The item songs are not officialy part of the contract while signing the film , but producers say that they dont mind, and why would they, if one song bings them handsome of profit, what difference does it make if one actress is happy and making good profit,

One of the producer said,

All of them perform at private parties and weddings which probably rake in more money than they would make through their films,

At times when a film doesnt do well at the box office, the Item song deffinitely helps in making profit, Chitrangada singh also has got an offer for an Item number,

Chintrangada said,

I have always been fond of dancing, but never really got a chance to do an item number. When Farah called, there wasn’t a chance I would say no. If I get offers to do stage shows post this song, Why not ?