News|December 14, 2012 11:46 am

Acting is is an insecure business: Irfan Khan

Actor Irfan Khan is known for his strong acting skills and different projects. He talks about his career and choice of roles.

Irfan Khan

I would love to do roles which are exciting and I don’t want to be bracketed in one kind of definition. I don’t want to carry an image. I would rather like to keep breaking my image than creating it.

Irrfan said.

The actor also says that he chooses the roles from the variety that he is offered.

My pattern is whatever comes my way, I have to chose from that. I cannot create roles.

He says his profession has allowed him to discover himself as a person.

This field of storytelling has allowed me to reflect on my life. If I would have been in another profession, I wouldn’t have been in a habit of reflecting on myself or my surroundings. This is unique because it gives me a chance to see myself. It has added a lot.

he said.

However, he believes the industry has too many layers and dealing with it can be quite a challenge.

It is a multi-layered profession with all its politics and insecurities. It is an insecure business and you have to learn to deal with your insecurities.

said the actor.

Irfan has been a part of some the very well appreciated films. But the actor, does not believe only in fame, but in the content of the films.

When you think about becoming an actor, you think about fame, but that is just one level. There is another thing which is so precious; it is the sense of sharing. You do a certain part where your heart cries or you feel nice, or you experience some ecstatic moment and you share it with the audience. It is a great feeling when the audience comes alive and they experience the same thing.