News|July 28, 2010 10:18 pm

Abhishek Varma Goes for Laden’s Franchise

Nobody expected that Tere Bin Laden will cross Rs. 500 million on the first week of its opening. After seeing the success of Tere Bin Laden, based on the political satire, director, Abhishek Varma has decided to create related stories.

The director, Abhishek is excited after seeing his film success on the box-office and planning to create Laden franchise. Pradhuman Singh, who played fake Osama Laden is also interested in playing again fake Laden. Pradhuman says,

“It would depend entirely on the writing. Abhishek Sharma, who’s almost like a childhood buddy, I know him from when I was 17, worked hard to bring the idea of a poor Laden lookalike who creates a global stir, come alive. Now to carry the idea forward without seeming to simply cash in on a successful formula, we need a script that is as funny if not funnier.”

“When Abhishek suggested I play a character who’s mistaken for Laden, I was zapped. I had never even remotely thought I resembled Laden. But now that the character has been liked, I don’t mind playing him again.”

“I’ve gotten so used to being dressed as Laden/Noora, I had almost forgotten what I really look like. I’d wake up in the morning without makeup and wonder who the stranger in the mirror was. We got a really good makeup person Vikram Gaekwad to do my Osama makeup.”

“But in spite of being constantly dressed as Osama, I suffer from no identity crisis. As a trained actor from the NSD I can get in and out of character without missing a beat.”

Pradhuman, who started acting at the age of 20 when he was in the National School Of Drama, is now looking forward to establish his career in Bollywood.