News|June 14, 2012 12:37 pm

Abhishek Bachchan loves fast cars

Like everybody else even Abhishek has a secret passion, fast racing cars that too fire burning speedy car’s passion and unlike other Bollywood celebs who attend f1 grand prix , Abhishek has chosen to attend a far more superior race event.

So according to recent reports Abhishek left on Tuesday night for the 24 Hours Of Le Manscar racing event to be held on 16th June in the scenic town of Le Mans in France.

It is being said that Abhishek was planning to attend this racing event from some years,

“But he never got around to it until now. Every year something or the other would come up putting a roadblock in the way of his secret fantasy. This year Abhishek was determined to make it, come what may. He virtually stayed awake nights to complete the dubbing of Bol Bachchan so that he would get time off for a few days before he returns for the promotion of the film,”

says a friend of Abhishek’s.

Le Mans is the only car racing event in the world where the cars are on the tracks for continuous 24 hours.

“Abhishek will be glued non-stop to the tracks for 24 hours. He’s as excited as a schoolboy about realizing one of his secret dreams.”

All the best Abhishek go and fulfill your childhood dream.