News|July 20, 2011 3:43 pm

Abhinay: Amir is by far the Best Marketing Head

In an interview Abhinay Deo denies the news of a fall out with Aamir Khan, according to him, Amir is the best Marketing head in the country,

Here is Abhinay’s Interview with Mid Day,

Would you give Aamir Khan the credit for the success of Delhi Belly ?
It’s a known fact that just making a good film is not enough, you also need to market the film in a good manner. Aamir is by far the best marketing head that I have come across in this country. While the film is directed by my creative team and me, Aamir’s contribution is as much if not more.

Aamir is said to be actively involved in the editiong of the film. Did that make a lot of difference ?
I had finished my directo’s cut and he looked at it and gave some valuable inputs. I am two films old and he is 40 films old. I have learnt tremendously on the editiong of the film from Aamit because he gave us some beautiful insights into catching the pulse of audience.

You were not really part of any promotional activity. Why?
We decided very late to do a Hindi version, and it took us over two months to dub the film. I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything. Maybe I was where I needed to be or wanted to be.

Will you approach Aamir for your nest ?
Absolutely! There is a film I would like to have Aamir in as an actor, but I will have to wait a lot because his dates are blocked till the end of 2012. I can only hope and keep m fingers crossed that he likes the script.

Is ther a seqel to Delhi Belly, and will you direct it ?
It’s a rumour created by some bunch of people. Though I feel there should be a sequel, It’s not in the offing at this point of time. Once Aamir returns from his holiday, we may talk about it.

You made two diagonally opposite films, Game and Dellhi Belly, in the same year. One became a hit an other a flop.
It’s actually funny. The same amount of effort was put into both the films. You don’t know what is going to work and what’s not in the film industry. You can only try your best. And it ws quite by chance that I was doing two absolutely opposite films. It was a roller coaster ride for me. When I read a DB script, I knew it would have an extreme reaction. Either it would become a cult or be a hated. Even with Game, we pushed the envelope where the standard of Bollywood thrillers is concerned. Somewhere down the line sometime about the film didn’t work.