News|November 22, 2011 1:50 am

Abhay prepares him self for ‘Rock The Shaadi’

Abhay Deol the original Punjabi boy wants to give the best to his upcoming film ‘Rock The Shaadi’, hence for preparing as much as he can for the film,

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Abhay plays a Punjabi munda in the film who gatecrashes into weddings. To get the right feel for his character, Abhay has been attending quite a few Punjabi weddings. Though everyone attached to the film is tight lipped about the actual plot of the film and what exactly does Abhay do after gate-crashing, there is a definite fun element to it all. To fine-tune his own comic timing and get the Punjabi milieu right, Abhay is enjoying his evenings out,

See, it is one thing to be just a ‘baraati’ and another to actually get in-depth idea around the traditions and customs. As an outsider, he may have seen quite a few things during weddings over the years. However when a film by its very title requires it’s central protagonist to ‘rock a shaadi’, it is imperative that he gets an in-depth idea around what really transpires in a wedding,

Let’s not forget that he is fast turning out to be the newest perfectionist in town. Even in ‘Shanghai’ where he is required to play a ‘babu’, he has gone through a complete changeover to look and play a 40 year old government officer,