News|March 12, 2011 6:42 pm

Aarya Babbar to Play Qasab in Kuch Log

Aarya Babbar is doing many things simultaneously from acting, writing comics to theatre. Now the actor will play a character based on the heinous act of 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Qasab, directed by debutant director Shuja Ali.

The film, Kuch Log, will feature Aarya Babbar as Qasab. Until now, the film and its controversial character have been kept under wraps for obvious reasons. Aarya also confirms,

“Well, I am playing a character inspired by Qasab in the film.  “Well, yes. It is what you’re saying. But I’d rather not talk too much about the film and my character.”

When questioned if he has met the real Qasab, he retorts,

“You know that’s impossible. But I’ve read a book on Qasab. I’ve also gone through a rigorous rifle shooting training.”

Aarya further talks about gathering television footage on 26/11 for the preparation of his role. Says Aarya,

“It’s not a pleasant thing to relive. But I’m happy to take on such a challenging role.”

Apparently Aarya got selected to play Qasab because of his command over Urdu and Hindi and also for his Afghani-Middle Eastern looks.

“You can say I look the part.”

Hope the film will not create controversy in the nation!