News|August 19, 2011 10:25 pm

Aarakshan ban lifted in Uttar Pradesh

On Friday The Supreme Court lifted the state imposed ban on the release of Aarakshan in the north Indian state Uttar Pradesh.

Justices Mukundakam Sharma and A.R. Dave lifted the two-month ban that was imposed on the film by Mayawati-led Uttar Pradesh government.

The judges said that state government could not seek deletion of certain parts of the film as this would amount to censorship.

Source said,

The state governments of Punjab and Andhra Pradesh, where the release of the film was stopped on Aug 12, have decided to allow the screening of the movie,

Prakash Jha had to go to Supreme Court by because northern states Uttar Pradesh and Punjab and Andhra Pradesh in south banned his film even after him agreeing to edit portions to quell the protests against the film dealing with a politically volatile issue.

Prakash Jha said,

We have agreed to make minor changes following objections. There are certain dialogues and scenes that have been edited, When you make a film on social issue everyone has a point of view on it. In Punjab, nobody has even seen the film.