News|July 14, 2010 11:41 pm

Aamir Tributes to Indian Ocean’s late Asheem

The founder of Indian Ocean band, Asheem Chakravarty passed away last December. In a tribute to Asheem, Aamir Khan has decided to tribute him on the day of music launch of Peepli Live. The music of the film has been composed by the Indian Ocean Band, and the credit will have their names. One the music launch function, Aamir released a video, which is currently under production, in Asheem’s memory. A source said,

“At the music release Aamir will request for one-minute silence in memory of Asheem. Aamir has also been working on a video as a tribute to the singer, whose contribution is invaluable to him. The video is currently under production and will be released in two weeks. It will have the footage from Indian Ocean’s last performance (with Asheem) in Singapore. It will also have the footage of Aamir’s interaction with Asheem, while recording music for the film Peepli Live. There is extensive footage also of Asheem’s interactions with the entire team of the film.”

Apparently, after the release, Aamir has also decided to give the video to Indian Ocean so they can put it up on their official website for all their fans to see. Asheem has huge number of fan-following, so they can watch this video. The official spokesperson for Aamir Khan confirmed the news and said,

“Asheem’s loss was a shock to the entire team. These songs are the last he has sung. We wanted to immortalise his memory and hence the video.”