News|January 20, 2011 11:01 pm

Aamir Takes Painting Lessons from Salman

It seems that Aamir Khan is quite impressed by Salman Khan that’s why the actor has been showcasing Salman in his various films starting from Jaane Tu Yaa Naa Jaane Naa.., and now once again the actor has modeled him in his next coming Dhobi Ghat, in which he is playing a character of painter.

Not only portraying the actor portrayed Salman Khan in various roles but he is also taking some lessons from Salman. Everyone in Bollywood knows that Salman is a good painter, so Aamir decided to take painting skills from Salman Khan.A source says,

“For a few weeks, Aamir was the diligent student; Salman was his art guru.'”

As is the custom, at the end of his coaching, Aamir needed to give Salman a guru-dakshina. So he gave Salman a painting that he made. Even Salman appreciated Aamir’s painting skills and put it behind his bar. Being modest, Aamir also mentioned,

“I’m an amateur; no patch on Salman when it comes to art. I have put up Salman’s ‘Ghajini’ sketch in my drawing room. Everyone who walks in, praises the sketch. However, my own painting that Salman has no magnanimously displayed is so esoteric, that even I don’t know what exactly it is.”