News|August 12, 2010 10:40 pm

Aamir Receives 500 Gesture Post Cards

Aamir’s forthcoming flick, Peepli Live has already made its impact on audience before its release. Reportedly, Aamir Khan has received ‘Thank You’ letters from more than 500 villages named Peepli in the country. Aamir was really surprised after receiving a kind gesture from so many people.

The actor has asked his staff members to keep those letters in archive. A source says,

“Aamir was surprised when he started getting postcards from different Peeplis thanking him for making the movie. Even he wasn’t aware that there were so many villages with the same name.”

“The hand-written letters have been pouring in and some people have invited Aamir to visit their village and meet them in person. Touched by the gesture, Aamir has asked his staff to keep all the letters in his archive. He is touched that the villagers made the effort to write to him personally.”

Confirming the news, Aamir said,

“I was very touched with the postcards. I was surprised to see so many letters having one address.”

There are over 1,000 Peeplis all over India. The movie is set in Peepli Bhadwai village of Madhya Pradesh. Some of them have names like Peepli Umarpur, Peepli Pathar, Peepli Meghchand and Peepli Bijaree.