News|August 4, 2010 4:19 pm

Aamir May Write Autobiography

If someone books Aamir Khan, it would not be surprising! As many publishers of the country have approached Aamir Khan to write an autobiography or even give permission to writer to write the tell-all biography. And I don’t think Aamir Khan will not give attention to this. He must be!
Aamir, himself, is in good mood to pen down his life rather than asking someone to access his head and open his secrets. A source says,

Many offeres have been made sometimes directly, sometimes through Aamir’s friends. Aamir’s personal life has been as interesting as his screen life and there is a great demand to read about the country’s top star. Aamir’s brand equity has also swelled over the years and with his recent exploits as an actor and film-maker, he now stands as one of the most credible and trusted men in Bollywood.

The offers have been huge and Aamir is certainly not taking them lightly. But we all know how attached Aamir gets to everything so it is certain that an autobiography from him is more likely. He can pour his heart out, show his objectivity and sensitivity to the moments and people, that is needed. We don’t think he can trust anyone else to write his biography. Many publishers are gunning for him. It is quite a war on who will get him first. The ball is in Aamir’s court. The book will most probably focus on his movies with his life as the backdrop.

When asked to Aamir regarding any contacts from publisher, he says,

Maybe at some point I would like to share my life and the experiences of my life with people who might be interested. Each film has got so much drama about the making of it, that it will be great to share with people , but from a point that I’m little detached from it.