News|December 27, 2011 9:01 pm

Aamir Khan: When painting, I feel I’m making something like a Picasso


If multi talented perfectionist Aamir Khan can sing and make everyone fall in love with the song he sings, he can paint also, and it brings joy to him, Aamir has played a painter in critically acclaimed ‘Dhobi Ghat’,

Aamir enjoys Painting just like he enjoys singing, he says, he does it badly, but he enjoys it,

I love singing, it puts me in a good mood. It disturbs the hell out of everyone around me, but it makes me feel very happy… painting also. I have realised that I am really a bad painter but when I am painting, I get so engrossed and I feel as if I am making something like a Picasso,

Aamir is not a great painter, but he managed to make a painting and gift it to known painter of Bollywood and colleague Salman Khan, who by the way makes really good paintings, Aamir says,

The one painting that I have done in my life is on the sets of ‘Dhobi Ghat’, while they were lighting up, I did a full canvas and presented it to Salman. So, it’s in Salman’s house,

Well we wish Aamir best with brushes, for sure he will make the best on canvas just like he does on big screen.