News|May 19, 2010 12:01 am

Aamir Khan Turns to be Fitness Instructor

After making eight-pack look for his film, Ghajini, now days, Aamir Khan is more conscious about gym and body-building. It has inspired by body building so much that now a days he started giving suggestions on body-building.

In his Facebook page, the actor recommended to read ‘The Encyclopedia of Body Building by Arnold Schwarzenegger’ to build body. Aamir has also created a group on his Facebook page to encourage even his fans to stay healthy. In the group, he mentioned,

“Let’s make a group, who decides to live healthy. Anyone who wants to join can. Each one of us is responsible for figuring out a diet for ourselves, a workout/sport/walking schedule, and a rest schedule.”

The 45-old actor, shared his knowledge on how to be fit and maintain a healthy and toned body and also posted on his blog,

“You decide what is good for you and stick to it and every night on Facebook, I’ll post how I fared that day and in response you comment on my post. That way all the comments are tagged together to my post in one space, and so it will be easier for all of us to stay together on this one topic. If one of us is finding it tough the others can encourage.

“Let me share with you what I learnt in the last few years in the process of building a physique, losing weight, etc. Three things are most important, a healthy and balanced diet, exercise and rest,” he revealed.

“The best way to get a healthy and balanced diet for yourself is to visit a qualified dietician. Not the dieticians who put you onto new fad diets, like high protein diets, low carb diets, blood group diets, ‘don’t eat carbs at night’ diets, Atkins diet, Santa Barbara diets, ‘have this pill’ diet, ‘eat only this one day and that on another day’ diet, falana diet, dhamkana diet etc.”

“You need to visit a qualified dietician, who gives you the good old fashioned calorie count diet. For general fitness, walking, jogging, swimming, or playing a sport are all great exercises. So if you are not looking for anything particular then choose one. Yoga is great too. In case you are interested in body building, building muscle, shaping your body etc., then what worked for me is weight training.”

“For that, you need the right equipment and a good trainer. So the easiest would be to join a gym and use one of the trainers there. If you can’t afford that then do free hand. Pull ups, push-ups, crunches etc.”

Aamir also stressed on the importance of proper exercises and work out sessions for the desired results. Finally, Aamir wrote about the benefits of proper rest to stay fit and healthy.

“The importance of rest is often underestimated. No matter how hard you train, if you don’t rest your body, it will not respond as well. During Ghajini as a rule, I slept for eight hours (at least) every night.”