News|May 14, 2010 12:09 pm

Aamir Khan Takes A Keen Interest In Darsheel’s Release

Darsheel Safar the Taare Zameen Par star was sad that his Amir Uncle is no longer in touch with him after Taare Zameen Par release, Amir got really busy with his other projects after the Taare.. release,

But when Darsheel heard that Amir Uncle will come for the screening of his Bumm Bumm Bole, he got excited,
Darsheel Said,

My parents have invited Aamir Uncle to see the film. I really want him to see it, so he can be proud of me.

In Taare Zameen Par I was much smaller and very naughty. Aamir Uncle removed every bit of the acting out of me. I didn’t have to do anything. Now I’m 13. I’m taller, less naughty. In Taare… I played a kid who was not at all like me. The boy in Bumm Bumm Bole is quite similar to me. So I don’t know how Aamir Uncle will react.

Hmm…Darsheel seems to be nervous about Amir Uncle commenting on his skills in the fillum,

Darsheel furthur said,

Aamir Uncle came to my school for the release of the Taare Zameen Par DVD. He also came home for dinner.

Talking about his movie and the co-star Ziah, he said,

She was sometimes irritating. She was super-stubborn. Bahut ziddi hai woh. If she wanted a pencil she wouldn’t give a shot until she got it. I just ignored her tantrums.

he also said how he feel about his own sister now after doing Bumm Bumm Bole,

I have a sister of my own in real life. So playing the protective brother who can go to any extent to make his sister smile came naturally to me. Doing the film I realized how much I love my sister. I’d do anything for her.

and now he is excited for his next release becasue Aamir has been regularly inquiring about Darsheel and his second fillum Bumm Bumm Bole and has shown a keen interest in watching it too.