News|September 13, 2010 10:55 pm

Aamir Khan Ready to Release Two Hindi Flicks in Britain

After release of Peepli Live in Toronto, London, Aamir Khan is all set to release his next two flicks, Dhobi Ghat and Delhi Belly in Britain. Aamir Khan is said to be Producer of ‘Best Hindi Indie Films’ in the town. Aamir Khan, who was in town at the Toronto Film Festival, produced and starred in the Oscar-nominated film “Lagaan,” is delving into his new passion. Peepli Live was the first Indian film to compete in the Sundance Film Festival and will be targeted at Britain’s art house audiences this month. Khan said,

“Peepli Live has the potential to engage an audience outside our usual audience in the UK. We’re trying to reach out.”

Now, the actor, producer, Aamir is known for making small budget films under $2 million. He is willing to experiment and create a new kind of cinema. Sharing his about creating new kind small-budget cinema, Aamir says,

“These are not the kind of films that will appeal to hardcore Bollywood fans.”

Earlier this year Khan produced “Peepli Live.” Directed by Anusha Rizvi, the film was screened at Sundance and Berlin film festivals to rave reviews. Khan says,

“The film was made for $2 million. It’s already made four times its budget at the box office.”

Whereas Dhobi Ghat was budgeted at $1 million. Aamir is not taking chances with inflated budgets. Aamir said about his low-budget films,

“As a creative person I do what I love. I’m making films for small selective audiences.”