News|August 13, 2010 8:33 pm

Aamir Khan Disqualified for Natha’s Character

If I say, Aamir Khan was disqualified for Natha’s role! Will you believe it? Well that’s true! The role was initially given to Aamir Khan, but when director Anusha Rizvi auditioned the newcomer, Omkar Das Manikpuri, he kept it aside the steps of superstar.

Initially, Omkar Das was auditioned for a small role but after seeing his appearance, he replaced the superstar. Omkar Das said,

“Aamirji and Anushaji (director) saw my audition and he told me, ‘Omkarji I was planning to play Natha but I am very impressed with your audition. Only you can play Natha’. It was the happiest day of my life.”

The 40-year-old actor, belongs to small village Chhattisgarh, was first spotted by theatre great Habib Tanvir in a street play. Tanvir brought him and two other members from his village to his group Naya Theatre in Bhopal. Sharing about his initial days, Manik puri said,

“I started singing folk songs in my village group when I was 17. I also started taking part in street plays about education. We would travel village to village and perform. After we performed in 200 villages, a function was organised and Habibji came as a chief guest. That’s where he saw me performing and offered me work in his group.”

Manikpuri’s family and his three children are still in the village and are glued to TV and call him whenever they spot him in the film’s promos.

“My children are very happy. They just called me. I am very excited about the film. I am the first actor in my family so they all are very happy to see me in such a big film”

Talking about his future plans, the theatre artiste says he would like to continue acting if he gets more offers in Bollywood.

“I would love to do more films here. That is if I get work. In fact, I would like to be cast alongside Aamirji since he could not act in this film because of me”