News|October 17, 2009 9:36 am

Aamir becomes sceptical


Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan, rarely lights up the silver scree, but when he does, people are sure to lap it up with both arms. The eagerly awaited movie, 3 Idiots, whuich Aamir Khan was working on, under director Rajkumar Hirani, is finally complete, but Aamir Khan is kind of, unsure about the people’s reaction to it.

‘The apst week has been very busy with ‘3 Idiots’ work. The final song is finally over and now the cut is locked too. I think we have managed to make the film that we set out to. In the coming weeks I will keep you updated about the film and what is happening,’ Aamir posted on his famous blog.

‘As you can well imagine the good old butterflies have begun to spread their wings once again and their feathery touch has started to tickle my insides. I’m tempted to try and snuff them out with smoke…but I won’t. I think this time I have quit for good,’ he said, referring to the anxiousness he is facing these days, and his incessant urge to silence it by smoking, but he has still, managed to refrain to getting back to his old habit, once he quit it, sometime back.