News|August 4, 2010 11:59 pm

Aamir Bashir Turned to be Director

Life is Beautiful’s actor, Aamir Bashir, one of the known faces in the industry, known for doing out-of-leak characters, is now all set to go for directorial debut, Harud, which will be shot in Srinagar. He is also playing of the pivotal roles in the film. The film also stars Iranian actor Reza Naji, who was seen in Majid Majidi’s Children Of Heaven.

Bashir, who belongs to Kashmir, took six years to put the project together. He says,

I had no plans of getting into direction. Harud could well be my only film as a director. I had a story to narrate about the unrest in my home state so I made the movie. I don’t want to start directing Hindi potboilers.

The actor plans to take Harud on the festival circuit, starting with the Rotterdam Film Festival next year.

It’s a story about loss and the struggle to hold on to one’s dignity. It’s not a frivolous masala movie set in Kashmir. Right now, no distributor will touch it with a bargepole but may be it could find a buyer with strong word-of-mouth publicity.

I’m told it’s an intelligent film. Thankfully, someone mustered the courage to move beyond the froth.