News|December 24, 2009 11:35 am

3 Idiots chose Kareena opposite Aamir


While Sharman Joshi did not have to put too much of an effort to look his part of a 22 year old, it required a great deal of work on the part of Aamir Khan and Madhavan who are presumably, way too old for a 22 year old IIT student!

Talking about the same, Madhavan says that the idea of shooting actually at IIT Bangalore was a brilliant idea since as soon as they entered the campus, they really felt like they were students who belonged there. Maddy says, “Once we went into an actual institute all three of us Aamir, Sharman and I, immediately began to feel like students. Age was never an issue because I got the role after an audition. Once I was seen to fit in no one was looking at my passport to check my age.”

Upon probing that he would have indeed felt bad due to the fact that it is Aamir Khan’s character who got Kareena in the sense, a lady cast opposite, whereas Madhavan did not have any such luck. To this Maddy replies that they did not cast Kareena opposite Aamir due to his super-stardom, but it was the script who demanded a female opposite Aamir’s character, and so they played along.