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Sanjay Gupta Produced and Directed Film ‘Alibaug’ which should have released been released till now is set to release again in 2010.

Plot of the film ‘Alibaug’,

Nine friends with nothing in common, Except each other, Come together for a weekend, Before it’s over, they will have Broken the rules Bared their souls And touched each other in a way they never dreamed of

Sanjay Gupta switches genres to bring you the unexpected; a film about friendship, longing, belonging and memories, Alibaug.

A young former professor, who once dazzled in college as the charming, most loved teacher by teaching Mughal history with as much passion as C-Minor on the guitar or a basketball throw, is dying Before dying, however, he has one last unfinished business.

He wants to bring together his favourite group of students, who drifted away from him and each other over the past decade. One last puff. One last sip. One last cruise into the sea. His old students have traveled far; but somewhere along this journey, relationships became jaded, the world caught up with them, and love became a four-letter word.

Will a dying man help them make the leap of faith to regain their lives? Will the joy of their coming home outlive the pain of his going away? Will the journey to the past destroy friendships or rebuild them?


Sanjay Dutt has not only Acted but also Produced the fillum,

Other actors apart from Sanjay Dutt in Alibaug are, Sanjay Suri, Madhavan, Diya Mirza, Manasi Joshi Roy, Masumeh Makhija, Parveen Dabbas, Rohit Roy, Sudhanshu Pandey, Sophie Choudhary, Sameer Soni

Music is given by Bappa Lahiri and Lyrics by Neelesh Mishra, Virag Mishra, Sanjay Gupta

The shooting of the film was postpondoed because the set that the Director Bijon Dasgupta designed was not up to the mark as per Sanjay’s requirements.

When asked about the rejection, the Director said

I needed a set depicting the house in ‘Alibaug’ where I was supposed to shoot. I asked Bijon to erect the set in Madh Island. In his own way, Bijon did a fantastic job. But it wasn’t what I had in mind. The set currently has an interior which is similar to that of Sanjay dream home in Goa and his house Woodstock in Mumbai. Sanjay was apparently on a shopping spree buying different kind of things for his house in Goa. Those artifacts seem to have made way into the design of the sets for the movie. Being passionate about the right set and decor for the film, in an attempt to ensure perfection Sanjay said,Fortunately, I had been house-shopping for myself for the past few weeks because I had bought myself a dream villa in Goa. It was the ideal home that I had been looking for in Goa for years. When I saw it I knew I wanted it. That was only part of the operation makeover. A majority of my stuff from my bungalow in Mumbai (Woodstock) has also been carted to the set. With the result that my place of residence looks pretty bare right now whereas my place of work resembles my home. Since ‘Alibaug’ is a very personalized film, I don’t mind.The movie which is based on friendship and memories has the top stars in its bandwagon inclusive of Diya Mirza, Manasi Joshi Roy, Masumeh, Parveen Dabas, Rohit Roy, Sudhanshu Pandey, Sameer Soni, Sanjay Suri, Sophie Choudry and Sanjay Dutt. It is because of filmmakers like Sanjay Gupta and their dedication to attain the perfect blend of the look and acting in the movie, inspires them to ensure everything fits the bill. This kind of paying attention to minimal details makes or breaks a director’s skill. Such commitment can be observed in the Hollywood and it is very encouraging for the Indian filmmakers to see this kind of sincerity towards ones work. A lot of movie makers can learn the best out of this act from Sanjay and ensure that the audience is given worth for every penny invested in the success of the movie.

This was the story till Sanjay Dutt was in the Film, but later Sanjay Dutt was replace by Irrfan Khan,
The Maker Sanjay Gupta and Irrfan Khan spoke about the film in an interview with IANS,

Here are some quick questions and answers with IANS,

First Sanjay Gupta replaced his good friend Sanjay Dutt with Irrfan Khan in his autobiographical film ‘Alibaug’ and now is he set to scrap the love song that was recorded in the Munnabhai actor’s voice.
‘We’ll have to get it done by a professional playback singer now. It won’t be correct to have Sanjay’s voice for Irrfan,’ said sanjay Gupta told IANS.

So what happens to the footage and song featuring Sanjay?
‘I guess it is of archival importance. One day I hope to sit down with my near and dear ones and look at what we shot and recorded as proof of how much Sanjay and I shared once,’ said Gupta.

But Sanjay’s special appearance in ‘Woodstock Villa’ was retained. ‘That’s because the song was filmed on Sanjay. Here we cannot go in the reverse direction and have Irrfan singing in Sanjay’s voice,’ Gupta said.

Irrfan says he wouldn’t mind lip-syncing to Sanjay’s voice.

‘But the only problem is Sanjay Dutt has such a strong personality and image, and a voice to match. Audiences will immediately identify his voice and refuse to accept it as my voice. So I’d think a playback singer for me would be far more preferable,’ said Irrfan.

‘Alibaug’ isn’t the only White Feather film where Irrfan has replaced Sanjay. The role in ‘Acid Factory’ that Irrfan did was also written for Sanjay. In fact, promos with Sanjay were shot.

Does Irrfan enjoy replacing Sanjay in Gupta’s productions?

‘I don’t see it that way at all,’ protested Irrfan. ‘No one can replace Sanjay Dutt. He has such a unique personality voice and body language. I can only bring my ownpersonality into the roles and make them something quite different.’

Souce: IANS

For the film imformation Gupta had also made the website:

But its not available for the moment as we know it was supposed to be release in 2008 and has been postponeded.

For now the news is that the film Alibaug will release in 2010, but their is not confirmed date.