Movies|August 15, 2010 5:49 pm

1-800 Love/Call Me Dil/Jhootha Hee Sahi

Directed Abbas Tyrewala who is famous for changing the title of his movies has directed Jhooha Hee Sahi, which was titled as 1-800 Love and Call Me Dil earlier,

Its a romantic comedy film with lead actros John Abraham and Pakhi the wife of Director Abbas Tyrewala.

The fillum is Produced by Madhu Mantena, and written by Pakhi the lead of the film,

Apart from John and Pakhi we have heard as we had reported earlier, that the film has R.Mahadevan opposite Pakhi, Mahadevan plays a cameo in the fillum, he plays Pakhi’s ex-boyfriend.

Jhootha Hee Sahi also has Alishka Vardhe, Prashant Chawla, Omar Khan, Mansi Scot, Anitha Nair, George Young, Abheek Sinha, Richard Knight and Wendy Albiston as supporting actors.

The film is produced by SAREGAMA India Limited and Madhu Mantena, and Co Produced by Khalil Bachooali

We have heard that John is so frustrated with the title changing of the Director that he has said clear no to promote the film,

Well Dont know about the story, title and the actors but the music is going to be something to look forward for in this film, because the music is given by non onther then the genious A. R. Rahman.

The Film Jhootha Hee Sahi is set to release on 15th October 2010.